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Why Benar

BENAR is a civil society initiative established to address the sad state of journalism in our beloved country and restore Truth in Reporting.

Everyone reading this blog is likely to know how the partisan mainstream media (MSM) refused to allow a level playing field for politics and contributed to sustaining several myths – that all was well in Bolehland, that Malaysian citizens lacked the maturity to cope with a 2-party political system, that only the Barisan Nasional would be able to fairly address the needs of all races… we’ve been there!

The developments of recent months have demolished all of those myths. Malaysia is more ready than ever to enjoy the full freedoms of democracy that have long been denied us. But unless and until we have a press corps free to carry out their professional responsibility without fear or favour, the vast majority of the population that is still dependent on the MSM for information will remain uninformed and continue to hold skewed views.

BENAR is an initiative with the objective of triggering change. We want to get our message out to all segments of our population that press freedom is important to us as a nation. We want to stimulate the people to insist that they deserve a fair and free media. We want to inspire the journalist community to stand up and demand their rights and Dare to be Free. We want to apply pressure wherever necessary to make the change happen.

All of this can only happen with People Power. We look forward to creating a second wave of people power that will bring about change – a press that has the courage to report the truth.

Stand tall with us. If you wish to join the action committee, write to us.




















Rationale of BENAR Logo

Rationale for the BENAR Logo

“The QUILL in yellow is our symbol for a media that will speak on behalf of the people with honour and integrity, without fear or favour.

BENAR in white represents the people’s desire for truth and fairness in the media. To this end, we call on the media to stand forth boldly against the dark forces that want to deny the people’s pursuit of justice and liberty.

We recognize it will be a daunting task for a media that shall DARE TO BE FREE but we, the people, will stand united with you and if our hearts were to bleed, we will bleed as one.

Go forth for your badge of honour.”




















BENAR Logos for download

Here are the logos in various sizes (both static and animated) for download, for you to use on your blogs/websites. Right click with mouse and choose ‘Save image as…’. Feel free to use them anyhow, anywhere but don’t forget to link the logo to this blog, ok. For those of you who prefer embedded links, please email Lucia Lai at lucial at gmail dot com.

button small
BENAR logo

button big
BENAR logo

horizontal banner
BENAR logo

animation small
BENAR logo

animation big
BENAR logo




















Documents on Freedom of Information

The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) and the Civil Society Initiative for Parliamentary Reform (CSI-Parliament) who are promoting the Private Member’s Bill on Freedom of Information in Parliament have prepared the following documents which may be of interest to you.

Huraian Kebebasan Maklumat

Latar belakang Akta Kebebasan Maklumat

Rang Undang-undang Kebebasan Maklumat

Freedom of Information Bill 2008

Please pass the word along to others who may be interested.




















One Response to About BENAR

  1. beranibaca says:

    free media..??? keep struggle my friends… hope you all can bring the nation to be a better place to live in for the peoples….

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