Button, Programme & Map (updated)

I Walk for Media Freedom

This is the Button commemorating the Walk for Media Freedom on 1st June 2008. Since we are operating without any sponsorship, we need your help to defray the cost of these buttons as well as other expenses incurred to organize this event. It will therefore be highly appreciated if you will kindly make a small donation for this button.

Due to budget constraints, we have ordered only 500 pieces of this button and they will be made available on a first come first served basis.

The program for the morning is as follows…

9 – 9:45am Walkers arrive individually at the National Flag at Dataran Merdeka, show their respect, and then proceed immediately to the National Press Club. Please DO NOT gather anywhere at the Dataran. If there are any blockades, simply avoid those and find another route to the NPC. No confrontation and no heroics please.
10:00 am Welcoming address by the organisers
10:15 am Keynote address by Datuk Zaid Ibrahim
10:45am Sharing by participants followed by Q&A
11:30am Reading of the 1st June Statement
11:40am Re-reading of the 3rd May Memorandum
11:50am Launch of the signature campaign endorsing the 3rd May Memorandum
12:00 noon Participants take the Pledge Resolution on Media Freedom

Dataran to NPC Walking Route


5 Responses to Button, Programme & Map (updated)

  1. […] map is at the BENAR Site here. Published […]

  2. […] (All Blogs)策划了“媒体自由之行”,邀请新闻人、评论人、部落客以及支持新闻自由的公民,在早上9.30 […]

  3. the pen is mighter than the sword?

    Q: what happen when you run out of ink for the quill?

    A: use the buttons on the keayboard!

    jt will be there

  4. ruyom says:


  5. say says:

    the least i could do is to pin the location on mapdoo for easy linkage to ppl.

    the walk starts here: http://mapdoo.com/?id=aab126692
    the walk ends here: http://mapdoo.com/?id=aab126690

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