Silence of the Lamb(s)

By Johann Foo
11th May, 2008

We know that the 186-page report by the Royal Commission looking into the infamous Lingam Tape was handed to the King on Friday morning (9th May, 2008) . Later the same day, the report was handed over to the Prime Minister whom we believe will present it to the Cabinet to decide whether it should be made public.

After 17 days of hearing and 21 witnesses that revealed a top judge’s holiday in New Zealand may have been arranged for the judge in question and that a RM10 million defamation judgment may well have been written by Lingam himself, there can be no doubt as to whether the report should be made public. In the meantime not one mainstream paper has called for the unconditional release of the report in the interest of transparency and public interest.

Do the editors in the MSM really think they will be thrown in jail or lose their job if they were to come out with editorials stating that the report must be released to the public to preserve our faith in the government and the judiciary?

I suppose I need not mention that no questions were asked as to why Grand Saga is allowed to build a barricade on state land at Bandar Mahkota Cheras or whether the police should show more restraint and respect for Members of Parliament and not treat them as common criminals.

We ask that readers at this blog highlight instances where the media have not served the people in ways that they should. Please share with us your thoughts if you can spare the time.

Thank you.


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